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Steenbergs Organic Dukkah

Steenbergs Organic Dukkah


Steenbergs Organic Dukkah is a complex blend of chunky pyramids of sea salt with toasted seeds – organic chickpeas , organic coriander seeds , organic cumin seeds and organic sunflower seeds – and our own unique blend of spices.  At Steenbergs, we lovingly toast these seeds until they reach a light golden brown shade that enhances the flavours of them and gives them a warmth.  These organic seeds are then ground individually to give a coarse, chunky texture and then the rest of the ingredients are blended in.

Traditionally, organic dukkah is eaten by dipping fresh Egyptian baladi bread (pitta bread will do!) first into olive oil and then into the organic dukkah mix, but you can also use it to sprinkle over salads or vegetables or as a crust for fish or chicken. Dukkah can be added to potatoes, cooked and tossed in hot oil – just adds that little extra!

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