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Organic Goat Milk Keifer

Organic Goat Milk Keifer


Organic Raw Milk Goat Kefir from De Bonte Weide is a powerful dairy drink with a rich amount of nutrients. 
The raw milk goat kefir is made at the De Bonte Weide goat farm. 
De Bonte Weide is located in Stolwijk, in the heart of the Green Heart. 
The goat kefir is made from raw, non-homogenized goat's milk, which has major advantages over processed milk. 
The milk is not heated and is therefore not pasteurized. 
This preserves the nutrients that naturally occur in goat's milk. 
The fermentation process enriches the raw organic goat's milk with kefir culture to probiotics. 
Goat's milk is easier to digest because of the composition of, for example, the protein and fat particles. 
For example, the fat globules in goat's milk are much smaller than in cow's milk, so they digest better.
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