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King of Kefir Lemongrass & Ginger Water Kefir

King of Kefir Lemongrass & Ginger Water Kefir


A refreshing ginger drink, with a delicate lemongrass flavour and a gentle fizz and less than 7 kcal per bottle. The turmeric adds some colour and a hint of an earthy warmth to the taste.

We ferment our non-alcoholic drinks using traditional water kefir grains which contain gut friendly cultures. The cultures also create the bubbles in the drink over a 14 day period called bottle conditioning.

All our drinks are in brown glass bottles, as this is the only glass colour to protect the drink from UV light degradation, also to boot, we do not like plastic.

Ingredients: Triple filtered water, Apple juice (consumed by the kefir to create the fizz), Ginger (0.2%), Lemon juice, Lemongrass (0.3%), Turmeric, Spices (Cardamom, Fennel, star anise, cloves), Sea salt, Stevia leaf infusion (water, stevia leaf), water kefir culture.

Vegan friendly, dairy-free, non-alcoholic, gluten free, very low calorie, suitable for diabetics, no preservatives or stabilisers, unpasteurised, unfiltered, and contains live cultures.

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