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Local Deliveries within a maximum 10KM radius of Carlow town will take place once a week on Saturday mornings. Orders for delivery must be placed by 10pm Thursday. Delivery charged at €7. Orders over €100 free.

Place your order for collection from our Foodhall Thursday - Saturday 9.00AM - 5.00PM. We will phone you when your order is ready for collection.
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Adora Organic Flax Seed Oil


Adora Farm flax seed oil is 100% certified organic. It is grown as nature intended without any sprays or pesticides. This oil has been cold pressed and has a mild, nutty flavour for your enjoyment.

Ballymaloe French Dressing


Ballymaloe Classic French Dressing marries a gentle balance of Greek cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and pure sunflower oil with white wine vinegar, mustard, garlic and seasoning. Our Classic French Dressing is great for pasta salads, vegetables and mixed leaves. Simply drizzle our Classic French Dressing over freshly-cooked potatoes, with a handful of mixed herbs, mayonnaise and some chopped scallions to make the perfect potato salad.

Organic Red Wine Vinegar


RAW Organic Red Wine Vinegar with the Mother

Organic Sesame Oil


Another high quality, cold pressed, unfiltered oil from Essential which is made from the purest organic ingredients. This cold pressed sesame oil is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals and Omega oils making this a perfect oil for cooking Asian cuisine dishes or can be added straight to salad dressings for a delicious nutty flavour.


Organic Sunflower Oil


Obtained through the cold pressing of sunflower seeds and rich in Vitamin E with a naturally sweet flavour this organic, unfiltered, sunflower oil can be used in a variety of ways from salad dressings to cooking an array of cuisines. Golden in colour and high in anti oxidants sunflower oil has many health benefits from providing skin moisturising to anti ageing properties- not just for cooking!

product of the Netherlands
certified organic (NL-BIO-01; GB-ORG-02)
suitable for vegans and vegetarians
palm oil free

Second Nature Organic Rapeseed Oil


Second Nature Organic Rapeseed Oil is an exceptional oil made right here in Ireland. Coming from one of the oldest existing organic farms in Kilkenny, it is cold pressed and bottled without any heat treatments or chemicals for the most natural experience.

Soul of Crete Organic Olive Oil


The Greek, Extra Virgin Olive Oil ΟLEUM CRETA BIO comes from the Messara valley in southern Crete it is a Protected Destination of Origin product ( Messara P.D.O. ) and is one of the premium, quality olive oils with very fine flavour, acidity that does not exceed 0.3% of oleic acid per 100 grams, produced with the cold extraction method and fully complying with the international health and gastronomy standards.

Suma Organic Coconut Oil


Grown by farmers co-operative in the Philippines. The freshly harvested coconuts are split open and laid to dry. The dried coconut flesh is warmed and pressed to extract the oil which is then gently steamed to remove the coconut taste and odour, making it ideal for cooking.

Uses: A delicious, fine quality oil for baking, roasting and high temperature frying. Also perfect in stir fries.


Wild About Hairy Hot Chilli Oil


Extra Virgin Rapeseed oil make this a cracking’ product.
If you like a little heat, this is perfect, drizzle over pizza, use to fry prawns or fish, rub into a chicken breast before roasting, drizzle a bit into any dish for a bit of a kick.
Hot but doesn’t burn. Beautiful flavour.


Wild About Wild Garlic Oil


Blas na hEireann Finalist
Wild Garlic, the herald of spring, antibacterial, antiviral, pro biotic, a natural immune booster. High in vitamin B and folic acid. We have infused our ethical, cold pressed extra virgin rape oil with freshly picked Wild Garlic, giving a wonderful seasonal oil ideal for marinating, dressing pizza or pasta, cooking or simply make the best garlic bread ever!