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Dairy & Alternative Dairy Products

Local Deliveries within a maximum 10KM radius of Carlow town will take place once a week on Saturday mornings. Orders for delivery must be placed by 10pm Thursday. Delivery charged at €7. Orders over €100 free.

Place your order for collection from our Foodhall Thursday - Saturday 9.00AM - 5.00PM. We will phone you when your order is ready for collection.
Please allow 24 hours for your order to be processed for collection.

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Amaizin Coconut Whipping Cream


With Amaizin Coconut Whipping Cream you have a delicious vegan whipped cream in no time. Keep the can in the fridge overnight, pour it into a bowl and beat! The coconut cream creates the perfect finishing touch on cakes and desserts.

Coolanowle Farm Organic Cows Milk Yoghurt


Made from our own Creamy Organic Raw Cows Milk from Coolanowle Organic Farm. The yoghurt making process naturally pasteurises the organic milk. This is a live yoghurt adundant with probiotic bacteria for gut health.

Greek Style Organic Sheep Yoghurt


Plain and unsweetened, this Greek-style yogurt made from sheep’s milk is thick, shiny and simply delicious. To enjoy plain, with fruit, honey, grains or to use in savory recipes. Healthy alternative to cow’s milk Greek style.

Sheep’s MILK* with 10% fat, selected live yogurt cultures. *= Organic

Oatly Organic Oat Milk


Water, organic oats and a little bit of sea salt for flavor. That’s it.

Organic Creme Fraiche


This crème fraiche from Weerribben Zuivel is prepared according to traditional methods and is deliciously full of flavor. The milk comes from cows that can graze peacefully in the Weerribben-Wieden National Park. You can use the crème fraiche in hot and cold dishes.

Crème* 30% from pasteurised cow’s MILK*, * = Organic

Organic Goat Milk Keifer

Organic Raw Milk Goat Kefir from De Bonte Weide is a powerful dairy drink with a rich amount of nutrients. 
The raw milk goat kefir is made at the De Bonte Weide goat farm. 
De Bonte Weide is located in Stolwijk, in the heart of the Green Heart. 
The goat kefir is made from raw, non-homogenized goat's milk, which has major advantages over processed milk. 
The milk is not heated and is therefore not pasteurized. 
This preserves the nutrients that naturally occur in goat's milk. 
The fermentation process enriches the raw organic goat's milk with kefir culture to probiotics. 
Goat's milk is easier to digest because of the composition of, for example, the protein and fat particles. 
For example, the fat globules in goat's milk are much smaller than in cow's milk, so they digest better.

Organic Sheeps Milk Keifer



Pasteurized sheep’s MILK*, lactic acid bacteria, * = Organic

Organic Sour Cream


Sour cream with 10% fat. Suitable for use in hot and cold dishes.