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Local Deliveries within a maximum 10KM radius of Carlow town will take place once a week on Saturday mornings. Orders for delivery must be placed by 10pm Thursday. Delivery charged at €7. Orders over €100 free.

Place your order for collection from our Foodhall Thursday - Saturday 9.00AM - 5.00PM. We will phone you when your order is ready for collection.
Please allow 24 hours for your order to be processed for collection.

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Coolanowle Foodhall Basil Pesto


Homemade Green Pesto, perfect for drizzling on Salads, over pasta dishes, on sandwiches etc. Made with fresh basil, Salt, Garlic, Olive oil, Sunflower Seeds & Parmesan Cheese. Perfect paired with Loaf Bakery Sourdough, some Juicy Organic Vine Tomatoes and Carlow Farmhouse Cheese.

Coolanowle Organic Chorizo Sausage


Oakwood Smoked Chorizo Sausage. Delicious flavours added to any dish.

Gubeen Smokehouse Salami


Delicious Irish artisan salami from hand-reared pigs traditionally smoked over beech and oak by Fingal Ferguson at the renowned Gubbeen cheese smokehouse in beautiful Schull, in the west of Co. Cork.

Karyatis Roasted Red Peppers


Taste the Mediterranean sunshine with our Karyatis Roasted Red Peppers. Sweet red peppers, flame roasted whole and packed in a light vinegary marinade, perfect to add into salads, pasta dishes and stir fries.

Great pizza topping when sliced and perfect for stuffing with Feta cheese.

Membrillo Quince Paste


Paiarrop offer a great range of quince and fig based products made in Spain. Paiarrop Quince Paste is perfectly paired with almost any cheese

Odysea Bruschetta Meze


A chunky blend of roasted red peppers & aubergines with green & Kalamata olives, tomatoes and herbs blended with extra virgin olive oil. Bursting with sunny mediterranean flavours of tomato and olives, it’s great spread on crusty bread or crackers and makes a good dip too.

Odysea Red Pepper & Feta Meze


Red pepper and feta meze, based on the traditional Greek recipe Htipiti


Ideal as an appetiser or dip

Odysea Stuffed Vine Leaves


Odysea stuffed vine leaves, a traditional Greek appetiser of tender vine leaves wrapped around a savoury rice and onion filling, with raisins, pine nuts and herbs in extra virgin olive oil. Rolled by hand to ensure the filling is perfectly encased within the leaf.

Paiarrop Fig Paste


Paiarrop offer a great range of quince and fig based products made in Spain. Paiarrop fig Paste is perfectly paired with almost any cheese

Semi Sundried Tomatoes


Slow Roasted Semi Sundried Tomatoes in Herb & Garlic Oil.
Origin: Turkey

Serrano Ham Sliced


Pre sliced Jamon de Serrano Reserve from Cecinas Pablo in Leon, Spain. Perfect for spreads and sandwiches, or alone with lemon or as part of a Cheese/ Charcuterie Platter

Sliced Salchichon Sausage


Salchichon is a cured sausage made with lean pork, minced fat pork and is spiced mainly with pepper (ground or in whole grains). This is the perfect accompaniment for any cheese & Charcuterie Platter.

Sunita Organic Pesto Rosso


Our Pesto Rosso is a classic combination of organically grown fresh and sundried Italian tomatoes, with cashews and pine nuts for texture and extra nutritional value. It is ideal for homemade pizzas and its rich flavour brings all kinds of pasta dishes to life.